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Benefits of Professional Carpet Cleaning

Professional Carpet Cleaning

Dust. Dander. Soil. Debris. Mites. These are the things potentially left in your carpet even after you vacuum. Over time, these pollutants and allergens build up, and can affect the indoor air quality (IAQ) of your home.

Even if you vacuum regularly, your home will benefit from a professional carpet cleaning every 12-18 months.

What Carpet Cleaning Can Do

Professional carpet cleaning equipment brings high-powered, industrial-strength level cleansing capacity to your floors. Only this equipment can:

  • Remove embedded soils and dirt that would otherwise remain in your carpet fibers
  • Fully dry your carpet after wet cleaning so that mold and mildew don’t have a chance to grow
  • Protect your carpet from future dirt and damage with the application of protective solutions
  • Eliminate dust mites that cause allergies
  • Return your carpet to its original luster and beauty

Post-Cleaning Carpet Protection

When carpet is new, it is often treated with a protective spray before it leaves the factory. With time and use, this original protection wears off, leaving your carpet fibers vulnerable to staining and damage. After a professional cleaning, make sure your technician applies a protective solution to your carpet to restore its stain-repelling qualities and keep it looking new.

Should You Steam Clean Your Carpets?

Steam cleaning sounds like a good idea for thorough carpet cleaning; however it can actually shrink your carpet fibers and cause damage, particularly to wool. “Steam cleaning” is often a misnomer for hot water extraction—the type of carpet cleaning recommended by the Institute of Inspection Cleaning & Certifications (IICRC).

At RestoreMax, we follow the IICRC standards for professional carpet cleaning, which involve six steps:

  • Pre-vacuuming your carpet to remove any loose grime or dirt
  • Application of a detergent pre-spray that suspends soils from the carpet fibers
  • Agitation of the pre-spray so that the detergent fully contacts the soils
  • Hot water rinsing using a high-efficiency, truck-mounted cleaning system
  • Grooming of the carpet fibers (if applicable) to create a uniform look
  • Drying the carpets (RestoreMax uses high speed air movers to dry your carpet in minutes)

When you hire a professional carpet cleaning service for your South Florida home, make sure to ask the company what method they use. If it is anything less than the IIRC standard, your carpet may not get as clean as it could.

The Best Carpet Cleaning Method

Annual professional carpet cleaning, using the hot water extraction method, will help keep allergens and pollutants out of your floors and keep your carpet looking clean and new.

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