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Emergency Fire Damage Restoration & Repair

“Where SPEED and CUSTOMER SATISFACTION is our philosophy and number one priority” Angelo Menezes -President

Has your home or business sustained fire or smoke damage? Call RestoreMax for help right away. We are available 24/7 and can get started on the restoration immediately. We understand the stress and panic that fire damage can cause, and our number one priority is setting your mind at ease. We have helped hundreds of property owners and managers through the fire damage repair process. From the time you call us until the restoration work is complete to your satisfaction, RestoreMax will be by your side to help any way we can, to guide you through the remediation process and help ensure a hassle-free experience.

Call 561-742-5767 now for immediate fire and smoke damage repair service. Our response team is standing by to answer your call whenever you need us! We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Our Fire Damage Services

When it comes to fire and smoke damage, repairs should start as soon as possible. This is why RestoreMax guarantees an immediate response to your call. We want to start repairing the damage before it gets worse.

How Soot and Smoke Damage Happen

Smoke residue is acidic in nature. With time it will cause surfaces to corrode and stain permanently. Smoke residue that was pressurized during the fire will permeate cracks and crevices of building materials and deposit odor-causing residue.

During combustion, soot residue and volatile vapors are carried by rising and expanding air, building up on surfaces layer by layer. By the time restoration service professionals arrive, lacquer-like soot residue may be quite difficult to dissolve and remove.

  • Within minutes – Acid soot residues cause plastics to yellow; small appliances located close to the source of combustion discolor; highly porous materials (marble, alabaster) discolor permanently.
  • Within hours – Acid residues stain grout in bathrooms; fiberglass bath fixtures may yellow; uncoated metals tarnish, counter tops may yellow; finishes on appliances, particularly refrigerators, may yellow; furniture finishes may discolor.
  • Within days – In time, acid residues cause painted walls to yellow permanently; metal corrodes, pits, and rusts; wood furniture requires refinishing; vinyl flooring requires refinishing or replacement; clothing becomes soot stained; upholstery stains permanently.
  • Within weeks – Restoration costs escalate tremendously. Synthetic carpet fibers may yellow or discolor permanently; silver plate is corroded permanently; glass, crystal, and china may require replacement due to severe etching and pitting caused by prolonged exposure to acid soot residues.

Our Fire & Smoke Damage Repair Services:

  • Fire Damage Restoration – We do complete fire damage repair, from immediate clean up to restoration of furniture and other contents and belongings.
  • Smoke Damage Repair – With specialty chemicals, our trained service technicians will repair all the types of smoke damage: wet and dry residues, protein residue, fuel oil soot, and more.
  • Board Up Service – If your home or business needs to be boarded up due to a fire or any other reason, let RestoreMax handle it. We offer complete board up service.
  • Pack Out/Move Out – When extensive fire or smoke damage repair is necessary, you and/or your belongings may need to be moved out of the home while the work is being done. We can pack, tag, inventory, and sort your items and move them to an air-conditioned storage facility.
  • Content Restoration – Our content restoration experts will determine the best techniques for treating your belongings, depending on the source and extent of the damages.
  • Odor Control – RestoreMax has the professional products and techniques to remove fire and smoke odors permanently.

Why Choose RestoreMax?

Fire damage needs to be dealt with right away—by experts who use the right techniques. When you call RestoreMax for fire damage remediation in the South Florida area, not only do you get immediate service, you also get a team that stays on the job until your home is completely restored.

What RestoreMax offers:

  • Availability – We provide service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Experience – Our team members have been remediating fire damage in South Florida for a combined experience of 20+ years
  • Resident expertise – We are locally owned and operated
  • Exceptional people – Our staff is trained and certified, and we personally hire every technician that works for us, using rigorous background checks
  • Assurance – We are licensed, insured, and bonded, and our services are guaranteed
  • Convenience – We are an insurance-approved vendor

Emergency Fire Damage Repair in Palm Beach and Broward Counties

When you need immediate emergency fire damage repair, call RestoreMax. We have been providing fire and smoke damage clean up and repair (and other fire emergency services) since 2007 in the Palm Beach County and Broward County regions.

RestoreMax is licensed, bonded, and insured. When you hire RestoreMax, you get the following convenient services at no additional cost to you:

  • Direct billing to your insurance company
  • Free estimates
  • Travel to your location at any time, day or night

We guarantee a fast response and no hidden charges. As a local company, we care about our community and our neighbors. You will get the professional, courteous service you deserve from RestoreMax.

When you need emergency fire damage repair services in the Broward County and Palm Beach County areas, call RestoreMax for 24/7 service at 561-742-5767. We will be with you every step of the way.