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South Florida Sewage Cleanup Service


Has your home or business suffered sewage or wastewater damage? Let the caring professionals at RestoreMax handle it. This kind of damage is traumatic and stressful, with a particular urgency for repair. RestoreMax understands, and we will be by your side to help you through the process and assist you in staying safe and secure while we restore your home or business.

Call RestoreMax at 561-742-5767 for immediate sewage cleanup service. Our response team is standing by to answer your call whenever you need us! We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

We know how critical it is to protect your family and property after a sewage or wastewater emergency. Professional sewer damage restoration is necessary to properly disinfect and sanitize affected areas to prevent microbial development.Call RestoreMax to have sewage promptly removed and leakage repaired to prevent further damage and contamination.

Dangers of Sewage Water Damage

Sewage damage is a very serious problem – especially when wastewater leaks into your home, building, or business.

If left untreated (or not treated properly by a sewage clean up company), sewer water damage puts people at risk for serious health problems-especially children and elderly people, as well as those who suffer from chronic respiratory problems or weakened immune systems. Exposure to wastewater from a sewage backup can expose your and your family to number of diseases, including hepatitis A, tetanus and giardia.

Call RestoreMax for prompt, caring service, night or day, at 561-742-5767.

Why You Can’t Delay Sewage Cleanup and Repair

In addition to household waste like food, cleaning products, and various household chemicals, raw sewage contains feces, urine, and other bodily wastes. Because of this, exposure to raw sewage is extremely dangerous.

When a sewage backup or other emergency happens:

  • Do not flush your toilets.
  • Keep children and animals away from the sewage.
  • If there is standing water, or if you think that water or wet items may come in contact with electrical wires, turn off the power.
  • Call your water service provider to report the backup.
  • If you must handle items that are or might be contaminated with sewage, wear rubber gloves and wash hands immediately afterwards. Never touch raw sewage with your bare hands.

You MUST discard these items if they become contaminated by wastewater:

  • Cardboard
  • Carpets and carpet pads
  • Cosmetics or other topical personal products
  • Food
  • Mattresses and pillows
  • Medicines and medical supplies
  • Stuffed animals and toys
  • Unfinished and upholstered furniture

Additional household items may also need to be discarded. While some things can be sanitized and restored, unfortunately, many cannot. When in doubt, throw it out! Your family’s safety and health come first.

If you need to evacuate your home during the sewage cleanup and repair, RestoreMax also provides pack and move out services.

Why Choose RestoreMax for Sewage Cleanup?

Sewage damage needs to be cleaned and repaired immediately—by experts who use the right techniques. When you call RestoreMax for sewage cleanup in the South Florida area, not only do you get immediate service, you also get an expert team that stays on the job until your home is completely clean and free of contamination.

What makes RestoreMax the right choice?

  • Availability – We provide service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Experience– We have been remediating water damage in Florida since 2007
  • Resident expertise– We are locally owned and operated
  • Exceptional people– Our staff is trained and certified, and we personally hire every technician that works for us, using rigorous background checks
  • Assurance – We are licensed, insured, and bonded, and our services are guaranteed
  • Convenience – We are an insurance-approved vendor

Sewer Damage Cleanup in Palm Beach County and Broward County

When you need immediate sewage damage repair, call RestoreMax. For two decades, we have been providing water emergency services, including sewage cleanup, in the Palm Beach County and Broward County, Florida regions.

RestoreMax is licensed, bonded, and insured. When you hire RestoreMax, you get the following convenient services at no additional cost to you:

  • Direct billing to your insurance company
  • Free estimates
  • Travel to your location at any time, day or night

We guarantee a fast response and no hidden charges. As a local company, we care about our community and our neighbors. You will get the professional, courteous service you deserve from RestoreMax.

When you need emergency sewage cleanup services in the Broward County and Palm Beach County areas, call RestoreMax for 24/7 service at 561-742-5767.

Call us at 561-742-5767 to learn more.